Monday, March 31, 2008


I ran 6 miles last Monday evening and again on Wednesday morning. Thursday morning I woke up with moderate-to-sever back pain, so I didn't run. Friday the pain got worse as the family took a trip to Moab. The pain continued Saturday forcing me to skip out on the 3 mile round-trip hike to Delicate Arch. I took a nice pain killer that allowed me to survive the trip home and a little souvenir shopping as well. Sunday was a slightly better day, and today I was feeling nearly 100%. I needed 4.3 miles to make a 100 mile month for March, so I headed to the treadmill at lunch time. Once I got moving I felt pretty good, but after about 1/2 a mile my shins and calves started to tighten up, as they tend to do on treadmill runs, especially when it's been a while since I've been on the treadmill. Anyway, I suffered through it, pretty much a mile at a time, pausing each mile to stretch... and I stopped at exactly 4.3 miles. 100 mile March. My 3rd ever 100 mile month, and I basically bailed on about 30 miles that I should have done. So April will be a really good month, if I can get pain-free, and stay that way.

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