Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Got it figured out

So I think I've finally figured out what's wrong with me, at least in the physical sense. A few weeks ago, while shoveling snow, the handle of the shovel was shoved hard into my gut, on the right side of my pelvis. I believe this has irritated my SI Joint, which when it flares up causes my whole back to spasm. The last two days it's only been mildly irritating, so I got in 5 miles yesterday and 2 today on the treadmill, and felt mostly okay. It doesn't feel good enough to do some of the abs/core exercises that I like to do, but hopefully a couple of more chiropractic visits and continued anti-inflammatory use, and I'll be back to full strength in no time. I really want to get an 18-20 miler in this weekend, so I better heal quickly!

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