Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Recap - so far

So there's still a week or so left in 2009, and I plan on doing at least some running and probably at least one weight session in the next 8 days. But I reached another goal today, so to summarize:

  • 1020.8 miles
  • 117 hours, 11 minutes, 57 seconds
  • 160 runs
  • Avg 6.38 miles per run
  • Avg pace 10:25/mile
  • 1000.0 miles ☺
  • 58 hours, 49 minutes, 25 seconds
  • 71 rides
  • Avg 14.08 miles per ride
  • Avg speed 17.0 mph
  • Approx 3 miles
  • No idea on time or pace
  • 13 Occurrences
  • 21 hours, 46 minutes
  • 40 Occurrences
This info will be very helpful when it comes to setting 2010 goals... which I currently do not have. But I will, shortly...

Friday, December 11, 2009

End of the sugar fast?

I'm seriously considering ending my sugar fast. I have two weeks to go and I've been doing it for two weeks. I had two basic purposes for trying this:
  • To see if I would feel any healthier by replacing refined sugar with more natural foods, like honey.
  • To see if I'd lose any weight.
I'm not entirely sure that 15 days is long enough, but I think by now I have a good idea. I don't really feel any healthier -- in fact, I think I feel a little less healthy. I'm gassy a lot, and I'm ironically a little more tired. I don't know that these two things are directly related to the change in diet or not, but they have coincided. And I haven't lost any weight, despite exercising the same amount (or a little bit more) than I was before... And I'm a little grouchy because I'm missing out on some really yummy food!!!!

So, has it run its course? Does anyone think that more time would yield more benefits? Would I feel more like making this a lifestyle change if I gave it two more weeks?

Now, to be fair, I have discovered some new recipes that I really like and that are a bit healthier than their sugar-laden counterparts... at least, I think they are. I'm not considering ending this and going on a junk food binge or anything, and I'll probably ease into the former "diet" gradually. Also, I think I'll be more moderate in general when it comes to refined sugar consumption if for no other reason than I now know of at least a couple of good alternatives.

So with all that in mind, what say ye, o blogosphere?