Friday, December 11, 2009

End of the sugar fast?

I'm seriously considering ending my sugar fast. I have two weeks to go and I've been doing it for two weeks. I had two basic purposes for trying this:
  • To see if I would feel any healthier by replacing refined sugar with more natural foods, like honey.
  • To see if I'd lose any weight.
I'm not entirely sure that 15 days is long enough, but I think by now I have a good idea. I don't really feel any healthier -- in fact, I think I feel a little less healthy. I'm gassy a lot, and I'm ironically a little more tired. I don't know that these two things are directly related to the change in diet or not, but they have coincided. And I haven't lost any weight, despite exercising the same amount (or a little bit more) than I was before... And I'm a little grouchy because I'm missing out on some really yummy food!!!!

So, has it run its course? Does anyone think that more time would yield more benefits? Would I feel more like making this a lifestyle change if I gave it two more weeks?

Now, to be fair, I have discovered some new recipes that I really like and that are a bit healthier than their sugar-laden counterparts... at least, I think they are. I'm not considering ending this and going on a junk food binge or anything, and I'll probably ease into the former "diet" gradually. Also, I think I'll be more moderate in general when it comes to refined sugar consumption if for no other reason than I now know of at least a couple of good alternatives.

So with all that in mind, what say ye, o blogosphere?


Tracy said...

Bring on the white stuff!!

Mike Russell said...

Go and pound a bag of M&M's. That will bring you back to the land of the living...

Ingrid said...

Devil's advocate: your family health history suggests you adopt a seriously healthy approach to eating, and the sooner the better. Ask Dad about the relationship of sugar to cholesterol.

Maybe you don't feel any better, maybe you don't weigh any better, but honestly, you've got to agree that you KNOW better.

Not that I am Mrs. Self-discipline, because I'm not. Personally I try for the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, eat really good-for-you stuff, and 20% can be what you like but "shouldn't" really have.

Adam said...

80/20 would seem to be a lot easier to follow. Going cold turkey on something that is in EVERYTHING would be tough.

Ingrid said...

What is in everything?

Anonymous said...

I always feel lousy when I stop eating sugar. I think it's our bodies way of detoxing or something. When I was much younger in my twenties I ate atrociously and would have a coke and poptarts on my way into work! My co-workers gave me such a rough time so I tried to go off sugar for a few weeks. Forget it- I became ill with sore throats, fevers, you name it. So I went back on the sugar diet and started to feel better immediately. But now I understand that it takes our body time to adjust to the new healthy ways of eating. Still- everything in moderation is not a bad way to go.