Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's official, I'm in.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly recap

For some reason, blogger won't open at work, so my normal blogging time is disrupted. :)

Anyway, here's last week's totals:

Monday: 5 miles at lunch, 6.1 miles that evening - 11.1 miles total
Tuesday: 1.8 miles, 15 minutes weights
Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run
Thursday: 4.5 miles easy
Friday: 14.6 mile bike ride
Saturday: 15.6 mile long run

Running: 39 miles
Biking: 14.6 miles
Weights: 15 minutes

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The first twice

I've done one two-a-day workout before, and that was last fall when I went for a morning run and a lunch time bike ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When triathlon training begins in earnest here in a couple months (post-marathon), I'll be doing more of those, as my swimming will always be taking place in the early morning, with bikes or runs later those same days.

Last week was a cutback week. For those that don't know, a cutback week is intended for your body to have a chance to recover and rest a little from the stresses of endurance training. It's also good to have the emotional and mental break from it that you need as well. So all of my runs last week were shorter, I let one day of cross training fall out, and then there was Valentine's Day...

For Valentine's Day, my gift to my wife was to paint our bedroom. Whoever lived there before us had had something odd screwed into the wall, and had not patched it or painted over the bad patch properly, and ever since we moved in we've been trying to decide what to do with those walls. Well, now they're a mossy/sagey green. This task, however, took almost all of the day on Saturday, leaving me no time to get in a longish run. (Remember, it was a cutback week, so the long run was set to only be 8-10 miles). Anyway, so that run fell through as well, leaving me with a 12 mile week. Not a good plan when you're marathon training.

So yesterday I decided to make up a little for lost time. I did a 5 mile run at lunch while watching the Tour of California on TV. Then, after the kids were in bed, I hammered out another 6 on the treadmill while watching The Client. It made for an 11.1 mile day. Not bad for a Monday. I may double up again today or Thursday, and I may throw in a two-a-day once a week or so, just to get the miles up there. As they say, there's no substitute for time on your feet when it comes to marathon training.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Am I bragging?

The way I see it, I'm a very average runner, as far as runners go. I guess as far as your average Joe is concerned, I'm sure I'm more active than "he" is, but still.

Allow me to explain. Those of you that follow me on Twitter or on Facebook will know that I post my runs in my "status" or as a "tweet"... mainly because I know that some people who follow me there are interested in keeping tabs on my training, etc. However, just about everyone I've ever really known is a friend on Facebook, and this last weekend, after posting the results of my long run, I got a comment that went something like this:

"Zach why do you post everytime you run with how far you went in your status report? I feel like I should be giving you feedback or coaching advice."

The guy wasn't someone that I know very well, so cutting him off from my Facebook updates didn't cause me a lot of inner turmoil or anything. I was just wondering if it comes across as bragging or something similar. I'm just using it as another way to log my training, and for those who are interested to follow along. It's by far not the only thing I post there.

Thanks for reading. I had to vent. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekly recap

Monday - 6.1 treadmill miles in the late evening after the kids were in bed. Watched the fist hour of "Oscar" with Sylvester Stalone. Great flick.

Tuesday - 5.12 miles outside at lunch in the Avenues. Great, hilly run. Took off my long-sleeved shirt and ran in short sleeves for the second half. Beautiful day.

Wednesday - 40 minute bike ride on the Cycleops. 14.2 miles.

Thursday - Interval run, 5.58 miles on the treadmill at lunch.

Friday - Easier bike day on the Cycleops. 10.8 miles in 30 minutes, early AM before work.

Saturday (today) - 14 mile long run in the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains. 10:42 average pace. Long, hard run all the way to Copperton and back (the long way). Butt kickin.

Total: 30.8 miles running in 5:15:56
25 miles on the bike in 1:10:00
No weight training this week. Oops.

Looking forward to the cutback (rest) week next week!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Different Intervals

I tried a different interval workout today. This one was a Carmichael Training Systems workout that I got free in a Power Bar email newsletter a couple years back. At the time, there was no way I was going to do 50+ minutes of intervals, so I just saved it in my iTunes and kind of forgot about it. Well, last night, I dusted it off and loaded it onto the iPod to use today.

Basically, it goes like this:

10 minute warm up, including four 20 second stride outs, then 5 sets of:

1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. Then a 10 minute cool down.

Maybe I didn't push it hard enough on the hard parts, but it didn't seem like it was as hard of a workout as the Get Fit Pod workout that I'd done the previous two weeks. I do love the coached workouts, though. It's nice to have someone yakking in your ear telling you when to speed up and slow down, etc. Today I ended up covering 5.58 miles in 55 minutes.

I think I'll keep this one in the repertoire for future interval sessions, but I think I'm going to favor the other one for now. And I'll constantly be scouring iTunes for other podcasts with coached running workouts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Totals

January I had my 2nd best running month ever, second only to last April, the month before I ran the Ogden Marathon. All in all, in January I ran 106 miles in 18 hours, 57 seconds - an average pace of 10:12. I also biked 92.9 miles in 4:21:45.

I'm well on my way to achieving the 1000 biking and running miles for 2009.