Monday, February 9, 2009

Am I bragging?

The way I see it, I'm a very average runner, as far as runners go. I guess as far as your average Joe is concerned, I'm sure I'm more active than "he" is, but still.

Allow me to explain. Those of you that follow me on Twitter or on Facebook will know that I post my runs in my "status" or as a "tweet"... mainly because I know that some people who follow me there are interested in keeping tabs on my training, etc. However, just about everyone I've ever really known is a friend on Facebook, and this last weekend, after posting the results of my long run, I got a comment that went something like this:

"Zach why do you post everytime you run with how far you went in your status report? I feel like I should be giving you feedback or coaching advice."

The guy wasn't someone that I know very well, so cutting him off from my Facebook updates didn't cause me a lot of inner turmoil or anything. I was just wondering if it comes across as bragging or something similar. I'm just using it as another way to log my training, and for those who are interested to follow along. It's by far not the only thing I post there.

Thanks for reading. I had to vent. :)


Tracy said...

Zach, for what its worth, it doesn't bother me, in fact it inspires me. I have been using the cold ucky weather here as an excuse to do NOTHING. Each time I read your updates, I think, he is doing it, get you sorry patootie out there and get it done. Keep it up.

Brad said...

No worries, man. You are a running machine. It's cool to see your updates. From others I know, it really helps to share your log of progress and accomplishments with others. You rock, Zach!