Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shouldn't the snow be melted by now?

Okay, April, right? As in Springtime? Well, maybe - maybe not. Set out on a nice run today, shooting for 18-20 miles. Mapped out a nice run in Provo Canyon starting at Cafe Rio and ending (or rather, turning around) at Vivian Park, about 9.5 miles up Provo Canyon. Well, as we (ran with a friend today for a change!) got further up the canyon we noticed more and more snow on the sides of the trail. Then we came around a bend and BAM! Snow covering the trail. And this wasn't nice fresh powder that you can run on, no. This was more like 6-8 inch-deep slush-and-ice. It was hard to walk on, let alone run on. After alternating between clear pavement and picking our way through snow patches for about a mile or more, we decided we'd had enough and turned around, about 9 miles in... so we were headed for 18, obviously.

Splits were good, considering we ran UP for 9 miles and then back DOWN for 9 miles...

11:53 - the snow begins
12:22 - the snow continues - we turn around
12:21 - back through the first snowy mile

I got pretty tired and my legs felt pretty weak about mile 12-13. I decided that I didn't want to walk and I wanted to keep going, so we kept running. I took a Gu, and that helped, I think. We finished rather strong, and about 2 minutes ahead of marathon pace. I don't even feel too bad about the time the Garmin spent on pause from porta-potty breaks and various pain issues, considering how much the snow slowed us down. We were spent at the end, but I felt good with a good feeling of accomplishment. Oh, and my back only bothered me a little, which is good. I'm sure slipping and sliding around on the ice and slush didn't help the hip much...


Jess said...

Oh man it's April! Snow should definitely be gone by now! Nice job getting the run in though.

MissAllycat said...

Nice splits! I don't care if it was downhill...negative splits are negative splits. :)