Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unofficial Half Marathon

I did 13.1 miles today as an unofficial half marathon, partially in honor of several people I know who are running the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab today. I ran a fairly toug course with a couple of small-to-medium hills, one of which lasted nearly a mile and a half. Great preparation for that post-Veyo long uphill stretch at SGM!

Total time today was 2:25:11, for an average overall pace of 11:05, or 21 seconds per mile faster than marathon goal pace, which is right where I want to be. I had nice even splits too, except for that long uphill mile...
11:11 - This mile had a very short but very steep uphill stretch.
11:39 - This is where the long uphill mile was, and where my running partner ditched me.
11:18 - Started tiring
11:20 - continued tiring
1:10 (11:18) - still pooped!

I'm happy with my overall time. I did much better than 2 weeks ago when I seriously bonked at mile 9.5 of an 11.5 miler. No GU today, just a little Gatorade. 37 degrees out with not really any wind to speak of. Great running conditions.

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