Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday's Sweet Sixteen

The last completely solo long run I did was 3 weeks ago and it was 11.5 miles (of 12 scheduled). I completely and utterly BONKED about 9.5 miles into it. It was a horrific run, due in part to the wrong shoes I was wearing, and in part to being improperly fueled, I'm sure. Anyway, it's made me slightly paranoid about long runs by myself (i.e. without a running pal to go with)... That is, until yesterday.

I mapped myself out a great 16 mile course that would be a little bit challenging, with some nice long uphill grades thrown in just for fun. My long run goal is to stay ahead of 11:30 per mile, because that pace is a 5-hour marathon, and that's the time I want to beat. Anyway, I rocked this run. Here's my splits:

1 - 11:04
2 - 10:48
3 - 10:54
4 - 10:27
5 - 10:31
6 - 10:38
7 - 10:47
8 - 10:30
9 - 10:38
10- 11:01 GU here
11- 11:18
12- 11:24
13- 10:50 GU here
14- 11:17
15- 11:24
16- 11:04

Bring on the next one!

Actually, this Saturday I'll be vacationing with the family in beautiful Moab, Utah, so I probably won't have a long run to report on... maybe I'll try and get it in earlier in the week, who knows for sure. Stay tuned.


Jess said...

wow nice job on the run!!! those are some good looking splits

Jen said...

your split times look great. how do you get them so even ? do you have any hills on your long runs? good luck on your training!