Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red sky at morning...

Sailor's delight! We had an absolutely picture-perfect sunrise this morning. It was breathtaking! Sadly I wasn't running during it, although I've had the good fortune to run through many gorgeous sunrises (and sunsets as well!) I did get a run in this afternoon at about 4:15. The weather was too nice to pass up! Near 60 degrees, I ran in a tech t-shirt and shorts!

I haven't been feeling all that great the last couple days, so I figured I'd take it easy and do somewhere between 4 (if I was feeling really crappy) and 6 (if I was doing alright) miles. I ended up not feeling great, but I stuck it out for 6 miles anyway. It ended up being an alright run, finishing in 1:01:59, or a 10:20 average pace. I had nice even / slightly-negative splits too:


So far, I'm glad I got a good run in. We'll see how my body feels about it later tonight and tomorrow!

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