Friday, May 9, 2008

Taper Update - week 1

Week 1 of my two week taper is just about in the books. I ran 4 miles on Tuesday in 41:10, or a 10:18 pace; 6 miles on Wednesday in 1:03:02, or a 10:31 pace; and a 5 mile tempo run today in 50:36, or a 10:172 pace. (Yes, I calculated that down to the tenth of a second. Impressed?)

Tomorrow is a 12 mile run, which is long but much much shorter than the 20s and 22 that I've been putting in on Saturday. Next week I'm planning on a 5 and 4 mile day on Monday and Wednesday, respectively, and maybe 1 or 2 on Friday, just to stay loose.

I'm ready.

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