Friday, May 9, 2008

Playing the lottery in Utah

Yes, there's only one legal lottery to play in Utah. It costs you $65, but if you don't win, you get your money back... well, most of it anyway -- they keep the $5 "processing fee." I am, of course, referring to the famed St. George Marathon registration lottery.

When I sent in my registration back in April, the website said the results would be posted on the website by Thursday, May 8. Wednesday (the 7th), in just the nick of time (where'd that phrase come from anyway? Who's Nick?), they updated it to say that the results would be posted on Friday the 9th. Then, late yesterday, they changed the website again to say that they'd be posted today, May 9th, at approximately 5 p.m.! Sheesh!

If I make the lottery, that's awesome, and I'll be happily running the 31st annual St George Marathon (SGM) in October. If I don't make the lottery, then I'll still be running SGM in October, by way of the Deseret News Marathon in July and the Park City Marathon in August. This is what's known as the "Utah Grand Slam" -- 4 of the 5 qualifying Utah marathons in one year. St George is the 4th, and if you successfully complete the other 3 (including Ogden), you get a guaranteed entry to SGM. Lots of fun! And lots of running shoes! Oy!

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