Saturday, May 3, 2008

Taper Time!

I did it. I got my last long run out of the way, and now it's taper time. I'm excited. Today's run wasn't great... in fact, it pretty well sucked. I ran a tough course.

Check out the elevation map on that sucker. Yes, the last 10 miles -- count em... 1 2 3.... etc... 10 -- all uphill. That was a killer. No wonder at the end of it my pace was severely slowed. The first 3 miles are uphill too. I'm not proud of these splits, but here they are, nonetheless:

1- 11:35
2- 11:26
3- 11:20
4- 10:45
5- 10:31
6- 10:41
7- 10:36
8- 10:30
9- 11:00
11-10:53 - GU here
12-11:16 - the uphill begins
15-11:55 - the uphill gets steeper - GU here too
19-13:41 - stopped to buy gatorade, auto-pause didn't stay paused
21-12:52 - walked a bit on this one.
21.9-10:40 (11:54 pace)

Overall average pace is 11:26, which is right on for marathon pace, even with the horrid finish. It wasn't pretty, but it's done, and I'm glad I got my not-so-fun long run in now, 2 weeks before the marathon, and not saved it for the actual event, if you know what I mean.

Everyone has crappy runs, right? Well, this was mine. Marathon's in 14 days. I'm ready. It is TAPER TIME.


MissAllycat said...

I must have been channeling you on my long run...mine was equally sucky. Bleh. But it felt good to get it done!!

Enjoy the taper!!

Jess said...

That's definitely a solid run! Awesome job grinding it out and getting the bad one out of the way before the big race. You will do awesome I'm sure. Enjoy taper time!

P.O.M. said...

Very solid. You're ready.
Good luck on your marathon and the 2-week taper craziness.

cropstar said...

Yay for tapering!
I'm looking forward to reading about the race!