Monday, June 15, 2009

PR for longest week

So I ran last week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (6 miles each, or so), biked on the indoor bike on Thursday, and ran 7+ miles of speedwork on Friday, all with the intention of a 10-15 mile run on Saturday, thus kicking off St George Marathon training with a 35 or so mile week.

Well, turns out on Saturday I got an opportunity to do the "run to work" thing, which is a 19+ mile run. As I don't have this chance every week, I decided to take advantage of it. I completed the run in 3:37:55, or an 11:11 pace. That's not too shabby, considering I wasn't planning on running anywhere near that distance, and I did it on tired legs from a 7+ mile interval workout the day before. That left me with a 45.2 mile week, a distance PR by 1.2 miles from peak-Ogden training time. I feel pretty confident that I could taper from this point and in 2 weeks get my sub-5-hour marathon.

Yeah, the only problem with that is that my marathon is over 3 MONTHS away. I've never done a 3 month marathon maintenance-type schedule before. I'm going to have to fiddle with my training plan now and see what I can come up with so I'll be even more prepared to run an even faster race at St George on October 3rd.

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