Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A couple runs

Hey everyone! I just wanted to put on a brief update (and no, I'm not updating you on a style of mens underwear). Yesterday I got in 4 miles on my same old City Creek Canyon/Memory Grove route. It won't be long until the leaves are changing up there and it will be absolutely gorgeous. I'll have to take a camera with me one of these times.

This morning I actually dragged my sorry rear out of bed at 5:0something in the morning and put in 4.7 miles. It was cloudy and raining off and on, and I think that interfered a little with my Garmin reception... it said I had only done 4.25 miles and that my first mile was over 13 minutes. Now, I may be slow, but I'm not that slow, at least, not usually. And I knew that I was going faster than that this morning. I came home and "mapped my run" on, coincidentally,, and it said I had done 4.7. That's more like it.

I've really been struggling with getting up early for runs. Part of the reason is that I've got the skinny tires that I like to spend time with, and I don't yet feel comfortable on them in the dark, so I've saved my workout for lunch time. Part of the reason is I just have really been liking sleeping lately, and I'm not sure why. I need to get back into a rhythym. I'm sure some of it is also that I'm not training for anything specific right now. If anyone has any tips or advice, I'm welcome to hearing it. :)

Today, the plan was to do an early run then ride at lunch, but alas, at lunch it was raining outside. I guess I probably should have ridden in the rain anyway, because someday I'll have a triathlon or a bike race or group ride or something that will have some bad weather planned, and those things don't get cancelled for bad weather. Usually.


Ingrid said...

Good for you! I am working out now too. I am doing treadmill runs. Any advice? Bring it on! Love, ink

Topher said...

Thanks for your comment about running in the rain. I noticed that you opted to not ride in the rain (at least that's how I read it). I suppose I'll see what the morning brings.

By the way, you know I'm also a Mormon Marketing Manager, right? It's true.

Tracy said...

Hey kiddo, I told you to train for my race. November 22nd, just do the half, but its challenging enough!! That should motivate you to at least get out of bed.....maybe? LOL