Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slow updater

I guess I'm waiting until something really big happens to update my running blog. And something did, last Monday. So I guess I'm out of excuses. Anyway...

Last Monday I ran 5 miles in a 9:38 pace. That's the furthest I've ever gone at sub-10:00 miles. It gives me hope that I'll break that 5 hour marathon barrier at Ogden in the Spring. Here's hopin', anyways.

Then I got sick. Ugh. So no working out the rest of last week.

Yesterday I got on the spin bike and payed special attention to my power output (watts). I tried to keep my ride going for 11 miles at a sustained 250 watts or more. It was pretty fun to keep an eye on it that way. It required keeping my cadence up around 85-95 and my speed up around 22 mph. I heard somewhere that the pros like Lance Armstrong can consistently crank out 500 watts sustained, on a daily basis, over a 3-week stage race a la the Tour de France. Well... I wanted to see what 500 watts felt like, so I cranked up the resistance, stood up on the pedals, and mashed out 625 watts at one point. I didn't sustain it for more than a few seconds, but it was fun to see what it felt like. I have to do this on the trainer, and not on a "real" bike, because 1) it's cold outside and 2) I'm not cranking out big bucks for a power meter anytime soon. Those things are $$$!

Today should be a City Creek Canyon run again, if the weather gets above 45 or so by lunch time. I brought a long-sleeved shirt, but just shorts to wear. Part of me is looking forward to running in the winter cold, but more of me isn't. Can't we just skip ahead to April?

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Jess said...

That does sound like a fun way to monitor your rides...something I may have to try sometime.