Thursday, July 23, 2009


My run on Monday morning was mediocre at best, following a hard week of training last week. Tuesday morning's bike ride was about the same -- the legs were having a hard time getting going. Yesterday's run/interval/weight workout was pretty good -- that is to say, it beat me up nice and handily -- but the run wasn't anything special. Of course, it's hard to judge exactly how you feel when you're doing one minute on/one minute off repeats.

This morning I reluctantly, slowly, painstakingly dragged by rear out of bed and got dressed for my run. I didn't have any new podcasts loaded onto my iPod, nor did I have any audiobooks loaded on that I hadn't listened to yet. These are the things that typically keep me going while on a run, and I love the entertainment and potentially educational value I get from them. I debated about leaving the iPod at home completely, but in the end decided to go with the running songs playlist that's on there, which consists of pretty much any music I like with an up-tempo beat (for the most part -- there are a few slower songs on there, but they are among the elite of my favorite music).

And today, I was back to a sub-10 minute/mile pace for my 5 mile run. (9:57, to be precise.) Now this is a good thing, and I'm happy that the run went pretty well, but I really hope that it's not just because of the music, because I really like my podcasts and books. Hmmm... food for thought, I suppose.

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