Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More updates

So I didn't run Saturday, as most of the day was spent hosting the mighty Jacob 2008 garage sale, unloading a bunch of junk -- er, stuff -- that we didn't want to take to the new house. Then there was a baptism we went to, then more stuff to do, etc. etc. So, no long run Saturday.

I finally got back out on Tuesday and did the City Creek Loop again. I don't think I'll ever tire of that one. 4 miles, not quite as fast as last Thursday, but I still ran it all, and ended up at about an 11:00 even pace. I don't take my garmin on that run (or any other lunchtime-from-work run), but I do time it with the stopwatch on my watch. The distance, however, may be off by a few hundredths or more.

Today I hopped on the treadmill for a speed workout. I decided I was going to do three mile repeats with quarter mile jogs in between. I decided also that I'd wear my watch and just time the miles, not the recoveries or the warm-up/cool-down, both of which were also .25 mile (do the math... that makes a 4-miler for today too, altogether). My 3 miles of speedwork were:


Total time: 38:15. Average pace: 9:34. That's a pace-record for me! What a killer run. I even managed to hold a bit of a conversation with the runner on the treadmill next to me during the hard parts. I really need a heart rate monitor to train right. I'm finally getting to that point. Yes, I'm accepting donations. :)

This Saturday is the Art City Days 5k. I'm excited. My 5k PR is 31:52, and I know I'm going to CRUSH it. I'm hoping to finish in under 30 minutes (I did today! I noticed the 3.1 mark came at 29:33!). That would almost make up for me missing the 5 hour mark at Ogden. Almost. Race report coming soon. Maybe even with pictures.

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