Thursday, June 5, 2008

I guess I'm it.

MissAllycat tagged anyone who wanted a break from work. I fit the bill, so here goes.

What I Was Doing 10 Years Ago Today:
1. Dating my soon-to-be fiancee
2. Finishing up my 3rd Semester at the prestigious SLCC
3. Playing a LOT of basketball pick-up games
4. Living in West Valley City, Utah
5. Working in the phone card business

Five Things On My To-Do List Today:
1. Work out. (check!)
2. Design two more Marketing Guide covers
3. Play some pick-up basketball tonight (some things never change!)
4. Hug my kids.
5. Kiss my wife.

Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Chocolate
2. Chips & salsa
3. Peanut butter shakes (Vanilla ice cream, chocolate milk, big scoop of peanut butter. Attach a beater to an electric drill and blend.)
4. Donuts. Mmmmm.....
5. Cheesecake.

Things I'd Do If I Was A Millionaire:
1. Donate enough to a charity to get me in to the Boston Marathon
2. Retire, train a lot more, and run more marathons. Maybe an ultra.
3. Buy a really nice road bike.
4. Hire a trainer to teach me how to swim properly, so I can do tri's.
5. Donate to my church, buy a lot of nice things for my good friends, and get knowonder! off the ground.

Places I've Lived (in order):
1. Orem, UT
2. Simi Valley, CA
3. Sandy, UT
4. Goerlitz, Magdeburg, Cottbus, Schwarzenberg, and Weimar, Germany
5. West Jordan, UT

There you go. If you feel so inclined, consider yourself tagged.


MissAllycat said...

I figured I wasn't the only one that needed a little break. :)

Reid said...

Were those German cities part of a mission? Is that Leipzig or Berlin? I served in Hamburg from 1998-2000.

By the way, I am enjoying your blog. I think you are well on your way to reaching that marathon goal. Keep it up.