Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pepperwood Triathlon race report

Amid conflicting emotions I got up at 5:30 this morning and got ready for the Pepperwood Independence Day Triathlon. I wasn't really excited to go, as unlike last year I wouldn't know anyone there -- no cheering section, no friendly competition, nuthin. Oh well.

A little different from last year is that instead of seeding yourself according to projected swim times, they just divided the group into two heats: women & children in the first, men in the second. Okay then. About 6:45 the timekeeper shouted "go" and into the pool I went. I felt a little stronger on the swim this year than last year, and finished the swim in 14:21... 500 yards. Not a great pace, of course, but I finished it. I really really want to and need to work on becoming a stronger swimmer, especially if I have any sort of pipe dream to do a 70.3 or even (gasp!) a 140.6.

Out of the pool and into T1 - Loved having actual tri shoes for the bike this year, they're awesome. Struggled with my jersey a little again, but was in and out in 2:45. I'll take it.

On the bike I was having a hard time finding a rhythm as I headed out of transition and up the first hills. Once I got to turn around and head back down the hill after almost a mile, I started to cruise. I just couldn't believe how much the swim had taken out of me. Again, got to spend more time in the water!! Bike split: 19:53, avg speed 18.08 mph. 6 miles.

T2 was cake, off with the bike shoes & helmet, on with the socks and running shoes. Still no speed laces, but that wasn't a big deal. 1:15.

The run was okay. I hadn't done a single brick workout in I don't know how long, so the first couple hundred yards I had to keep reminding myself that I was likely going much faster than it felt like I was going. I settled into a groove pretty quickly, and ended up running the 3 miles in 29:31. My only goal was to beat my overall time from last year. Struggling with my jersey in T1 didn't help much, but I still managed a 1:07:51... 1:47 faster than last year. The finish line was a little further into the transition area parking lot, so I was probably about 2 minutes faster overall with that figured in. I wasn't feeling the mojo to begin with, so I'm happy with this new course PR, and likely I'll be back next year... hopefully with some friends or family in tow!


cropstar said...

Great job, Zach!
I know what you mean about races w/ no friends or cheering section. Not as fun.
But sounds like you did well anyway.

John said...


I noticed you have brought us some traffic from your Daily Mile profile. We'd love to hook you up in order for you to keep pluggin the race.

John Malfatto
The Dirty Dash