Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Races You've All Been Waiting For

Somewhere in the back of my mind I figured this year would be the year of the triathlon, as I finally felt like I knew how to do a marathon. Sure, a PR of 4:34:40 isn't anything to write home about (however, knocking over an HOUR off of my first marathon is!), but I figured out how to train to accomplish my goal, and I think I could conceivably cut more time off a marathon if I so chose. However, when I was contemplating what to do for this year, another year of marathon training just didn't sound appealing. It sounded to me like a "been there, done that, time for something else" proposition. So I contemplated triathlons. And I'm still contemplating them.

However, in the meantime, I've tentatively decided to ride the East Canyon Road Race on April 24th. Yes, I said ride. It's a real life, honest-to-goodness bike race, with pros and everything (and non-pros too, no worries there! Not going pro!) It's 60 miles with a couple of decent climbs, out-and-back style course.

Additionally, I plan on doing the Art City 5k again (probably with the family again), and hopefully I'll be able to PR there again for the 3rd straight year. Also, I plan on doing the Pepperwood Triathlon on the 3rd of July, so while I may hold off on the pool membership for right now, there will be some swimming happening. I may even try to figure out flip turns. We'll see.

Then there's the fall race. I'd like to do the St. George Marathon again, and will probably enter the lottery again. There may be lodging issues this year, however, so that's not entirely certain. If I end up not running it, I may run the inaugural Layton Marathon instead, which is the following weekend. This is a little up in the air, but there's lots of time to decide. Yeah, I say that now...

So that's the plan for 2010. Hopefully 2011 will see me doing a couple more triathlons and maybe even a 70.3... but there's really LOTS of time to decide on that. Yeah. Lots.


Ingrid said...

One of these years: Ragnar. Fun! Norm may do St. George this year, and is going to do the Utah Valley Marathon on June 12. He is already running 12-14 milers on Saturdays.

Adam said...

This got me thinking....

So, I was looking into my first sprint tri yesterday and I realized: Those things are EXPENSIVE!

It looks like you have a good calendar set up there with a good plan for the long term.