Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where I'll be...

Okay, so I know dozens of people running in one of the events at the Salt Lake Marathon. Most I know will be running the half marathon, but since we all start at the same place, I thought I'd post where I'll be in case you'd like to meet up at the starting area. I will be under the last tree as you exit the runners staging area and head up the road to the start mat. I labeled the map below as best as I can remember from last year, so I hope it's about right and they don't change much. Worse case, I'll have my phone on me and my number is 801-755-9628. I can't believe I just posted that on the Internet.

Disclaimer: I may leave said post to hit the porta-loo or get some water, etc. But I'll be back.

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Ginger Horsburgh said...

K, you gotta change the dark blue screen and white letters. My eyes are all messed up. I am listening about the shoes though, and AM GETTING SERIOUS about it after this baby is born, so get ready to coach! I have questions about where/when you'll be on Saturday, so I'll call ya tomorrow. And, in advance, GOOD LUCK!!